The Avive la Vie Online Group Experience

Experience – Connect — Belong

In a Powerful Online Group Dynamic, Learn to:

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The Avive la Vie Movement

The Challenge

We are naturally wired for connection. However, we were trained for correction, making us lean into our fear and self-protective instincts, harming our emotional well-being.

The Adventure Begins

In this powerful online group experience, we will see how our suffering comes from a lack of self-acceptance and not attending to our emotional bodies. Together, we help each other escape isolation and relentless self-critique and correction.

Together In Connection

As we unlearn old, soul-crushing programming, we need support and to witness others who understand our journey. This companionship calms our frightened nervous systems, helping us feel safe, present, highly attuned, and confident.

Release Self-Defeating Beliefs 

The lens of correction through which we’ve been judging ourselves melts in the presence of recognizing and embodying our true essence.

Gain the Wisdom of our Emotional Body 

Together, in a safe place, we overcome fearful roadblocks to connection so we can  thrive. We enter genuine relationships with beautiful openness and authenticity. 


We become a community of loving acceptance, humans in touch with deep belonging. 

We create that which we deeply crave – connection.
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The nuts and bolts of the group

Investment: $795

Twelve mentoring sessions with JF Benoist: one session per week for three months, one and a half hours each 

Ongoing support at no additional cost:  

The depth of this work will resonate with your core. You’ll be empowered to fully apply these upgrades in your daily life, along with your supportive cohort. After the twelve weeks, the group can continue utilizing these skills together. JF Benoist will pop in periodically to ensure positive support and solid skills for your group. 

Avive la Vie celebrates our inherent strength and beauty.

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Investment $795

Avive la Vie Online Group

12 Week Series
1 ½ hour each session

Online Group FAQ


This group was created for people who strongly desire to overcome their self-defeating habits that affect their ability to connect with themselves and build authentic relationships. We have had people from all walks of life attend the group. What we all have in common is that we seek to experience a true sense of belonging and connection. 

Each group will include a maximum of twelve people.  

Yes, absolutely. This group environment will help deepen your heart-to-heart connection and improve your ability to be fully present for one another. It will help end the cycles of conflict. You will experience more vibrancy, honesty, and emotional connection.

To name a few, we will explore relationship strife, career direction, business problems, financial issues, lack of direction, anxiety, depressive thoughts, or simply elusive happiness. Once we attune to our state of mind and our emotional body, we gain the capacity to handle even what seemed impossible before.

Yes. Stress and anxiety are the body’s way of asking for attention. Most of us have not been taught how to handle the overwhelming tension that builds in our bodies.  Together, we will attend to our emotional bodies. We will gain knowledge from our nervous systems to change the core programming that repeats cycles of anxious thoughts. 

Now THAT is liberating!

That’s very common, but you’ll be in good hands. Your emotional safety is a priority in this group. Everything happens with consent, empowering people to take risks at their own pace. 

The group is based on the principles of my book Avive la Vie: An Adventure in Belonging. We will gain awareness of our false belonging habits and the programming of correction that plagues our ability to thrive. We will learn to reclaim our innate sense of courage, resilience, love, and value. 

We honor your pace, voice, aptitude, and preferences. We provide a space that empowers everyone to communicate in their way.  

Yes. With that said, commitment is everything. Once we commit to something, we are dedicated to getting past the challenges that might arise. It’s essential to communicate in advance if you feel some issues need to be addressed to fully commit and trust the process of this group learning culture.

The group will be empowered to continue as a co-facilitated ongoing experience with support from JF. In addition, JF leads week-long retreats. A focused residential week without interruption can facilitate a profound transformation and a beautiful immersion experience. 

Join A Complimentary Session!

You are invited to be a participant on The Avive la Vie Talk Show group experience. A gentle, direct, joyful connection.

Note: By participating in this free class, each participant gives permission to record the session for use in producing The Avive la Vie Talk Show.