Learn How to Live In Connection vs Correction

Prioritize connection and cultivate self-love to let go of the trap of correction and achieve greater fulfillment in life.
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Suppose you could see yourself as I see you! I see you naturally loving, powerfully courageous, innately valuable, and wow! Amazingly resilient! You are all this in the depth of you. I know this to be true.

For most of us, it started in childhood when we were taught to change ourselves to belong, fit in, and be loved. Ouch!

Therein lies the trap.

The trap of performance:

From a young age, we learned that success was the key to belonging.  

“If I get this award, that promotion, I will belong.” You often find yourself putting your close relationships on the back burner, prioritizing your to-do lists, tasks, and goals.

Putting others before ourselves leaves us disconnected from our own needs.

If I put others above myself, I will be seen as good.” You may often feel depleted from overgiving, trying to support others when your tank is empty. “

We may get defensive and wear emotional armor, pushing others away even when we crave genuine connections.

The only way I can keep safe in relationships is by putting on my guard.”

The fear of rejection often leads to constant anxiety, preventing us from truly connecting with loved ones.

If I prepare myself for the worst, their rejection won’t hurt.”

There’s a pit of anxiety lodged in your gut. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We hide or deny our emotions, making us feel like outsiders in our social circles.

If I repress my emotions, I will fit in.” When you express a heartfelt emotion, you get embarrassed and regretful.

Relying on others’ opinions rather than trusting our instincts leaves us in perpetual self-doubt.

“If I don’t commit to anything, I won’t fail or be rejected.”

You’re second-guessing yourself.

Living In Connection vs Correction

Imagine saying to Superman:

“You flew way too fast. Your suit wasn’t pressed. You could have taken the time to say ‘goodbye.’ You don’t have your shit together. You can’t be Superman!”

We pay more attention to correcting ourselves than connecting with ourselves. The solution to finding ourselves is getting past the critical societal lens.
What would it be like to finally truly – belong?

People can be difficult.

Imagine shaking loose other people’s messes, recognizing what is and isn’t YOURS.

It can take guts to be authentic.

Imagine feeling safe as you become honest with your thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Attend to yourself

Imagine being present and comfortable in your skin, liking being you.

Life can be hard.

Imagine feeling steady and secure handling the day’s challenges ~ seeing the beauty in yourself and others as you navigate difficult life changes

It’s been a long journey, taking on all insecurities and losing ourselves. We crave returning to our true essence. 

Uncovering Our True Self 

Imagine the immense relief you’d feel if you could tap in and fully embody the courage, resilience, value, and love that are innately within you. Yes, these qualities are right here within each of us.

Rediscover Your True Self

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Meet The Author Of
Avive la Vie

JF Benoist is passionate about helping bring people together, creating a community with a sense of belonging, and acknowledging the deeply innate core of love, value, courage, and resilience

After spending decades working with people challenged by relationship strife, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more, JF realized that the common denominator in our pain and suffering is the lack of connection with ourselves, others, and the natural world. 

A person’s ability to develop a secure sense of belonging deeply affects their access to emotional safety and authentic expression. Connection underscores everything in our lives. 

This life-changing work led JF to launch the Avive la Vie movement and write Avive la Vie – An Adventure in Belonging


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What real session attendees are saying
Eric P.
Eric P.
via Youtube
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"The experiential teaching from JF Benoist changed my perspective of my inner work. I've recognized the conditioning in me with so much clarity that I've been able to see it clearly in action. This allows me to make up for it and sometimes catch myself in time to make a conscious choice instead of being in a reactive state that perpetuates the disconnection in me and around me."
Gabriel M
Gabriel M
via Youtube
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"A deep love and gratitude is rising in me when I think of Avive la Vie – a sense of security and authenticity that makes me feel so good. The training you offered follows me. I practice being as connected and present as possible every day. I just wanted to thank you again. Your teachings changed my life."
Amélie D.
Amélie D.
via Youtube
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"When I started my journey with Avive la Vie and JF's teachings, I noticed a big shift in my entire being as if for the first time in my life. I could feel what it means to experience a deep sense of security and love from within me and the group. I had never felt my nervous system and body so relaxed, safe, trustful, and open. "
Chantele D.
Chantele D.
via Youtube
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"JF is a man who creates a safe space to experience and share our emotions. He shows us the path out of self-sabotage. JF is a man of connection of heart who embodies his mission 110%. "



Yes. Most of the difficulties in our relationships come from our conditioning. Once we learn the skills of prioritizing connection with ourselves and others, we are less likely to lash out due to insecurities caused by a lack of self-awareness and connection.
Of course! We still make meaningful changes. Our focus is not on removing self-improvement but on honoring and acknowledging our innate goodness and needs before we start hammering out change to please others.
We know what you mean! That’s why Avive la Vie is designed differently. Avive la Vie is not a typical therapy method or self-help strategy. It’s a way of life we can apply to our everyday lives. It empowers us to stay connected with ourselves regardless of who we’re with and what’s happening around us.
We believe so. Research shows that experiencing a genuine connection with ourselves and others liberates us from our anxiety.
Our conditioned habits waste a massive amount of our resources and time. Avive La Vie transforms our habits, inner dialogue, and relationships and frees up our time by focusing on what we need versus what we think we need. That is Connection.
That’s understandable. We learned to be scared of change because it’s the unknown; in the past, it’s been scary. Others may have criticized us. Avive la Vie works on healing that hurt. It’s about treating ourselves with unconditional love and compassion and dissolving that fear.
That’s OK. Avive La Vie is about finding community and honoring your natural way. You are welcome here.
You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created retreats in a beautiful nature setting with group experiences, excellent catered food, and time for deep contemplation.
If he were alive today, he would!

Experience the Avive la Vie way of life.

Experience the
Avive la Vie
way of life.

Ending the Trap of Correction

Are you tired of being reactive?

Think of how often you responded in an undesired way; maybe you snapped at someone or shut down because you were stressed about work. Did you end up feeling alone or misunderstood? It’s painful to live this way. It’s time to break the isolation when the cycles keep repeating themselves. Your triggered behaviors are not who you are. It’s a learned habit of false belonging.

The TRAP of performance has to stop

Operating from the trap of our corrective mindset robs us of genuine connection with ourselves and others. We can’t afford to live from those maladaptive false belonging behaviors of performance, self-neglect, pushing love away, getting lost in anxiety, rejecting our feelings, and self-doubt. We deserve to experience real bonds and real connections. We deserve to belong for who we truly are!

The trap and lie of being ALONE

We have been inflicted with a lifetime of conditioning, which has left us with unresolved feelings of distress. The irony is that the same conditioning seems to lead us toward believing that it’s our job alone to figure out how to get out of this dysfunction. The truth is that we are all wired for connection, and together, we have learned those false ways of being, and together, we can learn to reconnect with our true selves. It’s essential to our nervous system to be together in a group experience to come back to the experience of true belonging.

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