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Why Choose Private Rehab?

A private rehab is designed for people who want an exclusive experience. Instead of an overcrowded public facility, you get customized therapeutic and medical care in a secluded setting.


Here, the staff understands that you’re more than your addiction. You have aspirations and desires and passions — and those should be explored while you’re in treatment, not ignored.


They also understand you have fears — especially fears about your privacy and your reputation. In a private rehab, there are extra precautions taken to guard your personal information. The location is often secluded and away from prying eyes and the stresses of city life. This extra sense of security allows you to truly let down your walls and dive into your healing.

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Personal, Focused Attention

Often in larger institutionalized programs, you end up feeling like just another number. A luxury private rehab attends to you and customizes your treatment plan. They’ll even adjust your therapies according to what is showing up for you from moment to moment. 


This kind of attention can be liberating, and help you further feel cared for and understood. We all need to be seen clearly, to be recognized as a unique human being with our own set of qualities and quirks and challenges. When staff takes the time to be fully present with you and gives you undivided attention, it can be a deeply healing experience.

More Comfortable Environment

Private rehab facilities will be less crowded and likely quieter than traditional treatment programs. With private bedrooms available and gourmet food being served, you’ll feel more like you’re visiting someone’s home than staying in a drab facility.


You’ll also have the opportunity to experience services and amenities not found at traditional rehabs, including massage, acupuncture, and yoga. In other words, if you’re sensitive to environmental stimulation and triggers, a large public treatment facility can be a nightmare setting for detox and healing.

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Absolute Confidentiality

Private rehab is not just a secluded location, or following a strict set of policies and procedures. It is about honoring your life, and knowing how to protect your interests on every level. Your life is YOUR life, and it belongs to you alone. Every choice is yours to make, and the entire staff listens carefully and supports those choices.


Do you want to have therapy sessions with your spouse or parent or child? Do you want to continue working while in treatment? Do you want to file a claim with your insurance plan? (Or none of the above?)


You will know you are in a true private rehab when you feel seen, heard, understood, and safe. Safe from exposure. Safe from backlash. Safe from judgments.


Confidentiality is not just a hollow promise when the entire staff gets that the choice is yours, and yours alone. What you share during your program is sacred. You come to a private facility because you want to experience the freedom of letting your guard down – without having to worry about risk or repercussions. 


We understand that keeping your life protected, on every level, is what will finally allow you to relax and truly heal.

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What Is a Private Rehab?

• Top-of-the-Line Medical Care

• Secluded, Relaxing Setting

• Private Rooms Available

• Personalized, Non 12 Step Therapy

• Wide Array of Holistic Services

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  • If you want your addiction – and your healing process – to be no one else’s business, then a private rehab center is the place to go.


  • If you prefer not to share your situation with family members, or to control the flow of information they may receive, private rehabilitation centers can arrange that for you.


  • If you need to heal in a small, supportive environment with people who understand your special fears and vulnerabilities, consider the benefits and safeguards of a first-class private rehab center. 

In larger rehabilitation programs, you could be around an ever-changing sea of people, both staff and clients. And the other clients there may not take healing as seriously as you do. Some of them will be there because of family pressure, or even court mandates, marking time until their 30 days are up. If they’re not serious about their own addiction recovery, there’s a risk they might not be respectful of yours.

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Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now



At a private alcohol and drug rehab center, you won’t be able to coast through the process and hide in the back of the room. There will be focused personal attention on your healing process every day. The staff will know your situation and your unique needs, and continuously invite you to step up.


Attending a private rehab may mean going farther away than the local, public program. While getting some space can have many benefits therapeutically, it can also be very difficult to be that far away from our loved ones, as well as our work. Finding a private treatment center that allows you to use your phone and laptop can help ease some of this homesickness. 


A private rehab center will cost more. The heightened privacy measures and individualized care make the higher cost worth it, but some people may not be able to afford paying upfront for these services. 


Customized Therapy Can Help Rewire Body, Mind AND Habits

How does a lecture on the effects of alcohol, or a power point presentation on opioid addiction statistics, sound? That’s what you may get in many public treatment facilities. You’ll feel like you’re back in high school.


It’s often more important to learn how we can change our patterns with alcohol and drug abuse. 


In this case, mental understanding is not enough. Research shows when a person has a fight-or-flight reaction — when we get triggered into impulsive action — cognitive ability goes out the window. The “reasoning” part of the brain shuts down. This simply means that we cannot solve our addictive behaviors with logic only. 


Traditional drug and alcohol rehab centers often rely heavily on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), which helps you understand the negative core beliefs that lead to substance abuse. While this is a vital initial step, there are ways to further deepen our awareness of our thinking and establish new, default ways to respond.

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This is where a skill-based program comes into play. We must address the issue at the nervous system level if we want anything to change. Learning tools to navigate your fight-or-flight responses is what makes the difference. What can you do differently to pattern-interrupt when you get the urge to take a drink? 


Through the application of those skills, we learn to listen to our bodies, and catch ourselves before it’s too late. Experiential Engagement Therapy, for example, helps us create new neural pathways and bypass old self-sabotaging ways of thinking. This can be liberating, and bring such relief to the nervous system that addictive urges naturally dissipate.


The nuanced application of multiple therapeutic modalities can only happen in a small, private program, with staff who are tracking you in real time. You need customized treatments that help you rewire body, mind and habits. That’s what will keep you sober long after you leave the rehab center.

Heal with Like Minded People

The most empowering aspect of being in a private treatment center is recovering with people who are equally motivated. They genuinely want to be attending the program, and go out of their way to learn and cheer each other on. They’re not just killing time because someone else forced them to attend.


If you’re looking at private rehab programs, you’re most likely a high-functioning person with amazing skills and talents, who also has a substance abuse problem. It can be life-giving to be with others in the same boat, people you can genuinely relate to and have stimulating connections with. 


A great private program will:


  • spotlight each individual’s brilliance
  • honor the skills you’ve developed in many areas of your life
  • show you how to apply skills to the places where you’ve felt out of control 


All of this means that a group may bond more deeply than in a large institutional rehab. Your program-mates will learn from you, just as you will see yourself in their struggles, and learn from them. 

More Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private Treatment Center

The Culture of Non-Judgment

Many people with drug abuse issues have been hiding their addiction, sometimes for years. This naturally creates anxiety (“Will I be caught?”) and shame (“What will you think of me if you know?”). These fears can become deeply ingrained habits.


At a private rehab, the staff will understand this dynamic. They won’t shame you for feeling anxious or ashamed. They’ll understand if you start out distrustful, and they’ll work to slowly earn your trust.


In a bigger, traditional rehab center, the staff may be too overwhelmed to offer you that focused kindness and consideration. 


At the same time, the staff will be trained in holding a non-judgmental perspective. They understand that everything we do is an attempt to take care of ourselves (the best we know how anyway). They feel that compassion in their bones.


You come to a private rehab so you can be understood and cared for, not judged. You can feel it when people are real or not. You deserve an excellent alcohol and drug treatment program, free from the added stress of shaming and judgments.

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Addictions Treated in Private Rehab

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Any other drug addiction

Dual Diagnosis

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • ADHD

Eating Disorder Treatment

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating 

Secluded Locations Are the Most Private

For the important inner work you’ll do in rehab, it helps to get away from the normal daily grind. You should have the sense that you’ve stepped into a brand-new environment in which to re-invent yourself.


If you’re sensitive about the risks of exposure, it can help to be somewhere isolated and secluded, far from prying eyes and unfortunate chance encounters.


The best private facilities offer a peaceful natural setting that eases your nervous system into relaxation and trust.

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Avive la Vie Private Rehab

At Avive la Vie, we offer one of the most private and individualized recovery treatments in the United States.

Customized, Holistic Services

We believe that addiction doesn’t just affect one aspect of ourselves. It’s pervasive to our entire being — body, mind, and soul.


For this reason, we treat your addiction from all sides. We offer a combination of holistic services to assist in your healing. These include: 

  • Yoga
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Emotional intelligence tools
  • Acupuncture
  • Nature & beach excursions
  • Mindful Inquiry skills
  • Conscious breathing sessions

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Private Space to Unwind

  • Gorgeous private estate
  • Secluded luxury accommodations 
  • Shared or private bedrooms
  • Small, customized program

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Non 12 Step Approach

Many traditional rehabs only offer a 12 Step-based program, which incorporates AA meetings into your treatment. We understand that some people don’t agree with the ideology of the 12 Steps; others have tried it and can’t seem to stop their addictive patterns.


For these reasons, we offer an alternative approach. Non 12 Step therapy combines individual and group therapy sessions to uncover the root causes of your addiction. Once you’ve identified these often hidden issues, we use experiential therapy to help you learn new skills to use instead of your unhealthy, addictive behavior. With this hands-on approach, you’re able to create new, long lasting patterns. 

Take Back Your Life

You’ve reached the crossroads at perhaps one of the most important moments in your life. Picture your life in ten years. Do you want to continue down the same path? The one where you’re wreaking havoc on your body, your relationships, and your mental well-being?


Or do you want to have taken action and addressed your addiction? Where you went to the best facility — to give you the best chance to change your life?


The choice is yours, but we’d love to help you get there. Call us today.