Where to go for Executive Rehab?

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Where to go for Executive Rehab?

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

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Why Choose Executive Rehab?

An executive rehab understands the special needs of business men and women in recovery. You’re struggling with a personal addiction, yes, but the stresses on you are compounded by your business responsibilities. 


We know that your personal reputation is at risk, and the value of your business could be compromised. It’s crucial that your privacy is protected and your intelligence is honored.

What are Executive Rehab Centers?

Specifically-designed executive programs help you address the root causes of your addictive behavior. Your program capitalizes on your motivated personality and quick thinking process to help you create real change.


You work through your difficult issues in a luxurious, relaxing environment. This upscale setting allows you to enjoy the comforts you’re used to while having access to some of the best doctors and therapists in the country. 

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Executive Rehabs Cover All the Bases for Recovery

Substance abuse shows up when we’re struggling in our lives. The sources of those struggles may be personal (family, marriage, divorce, etc.) as well as professional (burnout, business challenges, reputation hits, etc.). 


A strong executive rehab program looks at all of these interlocking issues.


Beware of programs that mostly focus on abstinence and managing your behavior.


We are multifaceted individuals with complex ways of thinking. Many executives compartmentalize to make life seem easier. We treat family, marriage, and work as separate boxes with no real impact on each other. But even though we might wish we could come home, drop our office day at the doorstep, and be completely present with our spouse, that’s not how it really plays out. A fight at home impacts our job performance the next day. Worrying about our children can sap crucial attention at meetings.

Pretending that we can compartmentalize and control this is unrealistic. Such expectations lead to even more stress, which we try to manage with substances. And so the downward spiral continues.


Some executives have been conditioned to see feelings as a weakness to be avoided. Yet those unmet feelings are often the source of our addiction. We don’t rationally decide to use; we feel compelled. Understanding the emotional roots of compulsion, and the core beliefs that drive those feelings and behaviors, is crucial.


Learning the skills of emotional intelligence often makes the difference with recovery. So yes, all of your personal and professional issues are welcome here.

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Benefits of Executive Treatment Programs

• Top-of-the-Line Medical Care

Individualized, Non 12 Step Therapy

• Private, Serene Setting

• Small Program

• Wide Array of Holistic Services

• Delicious, Healthy Gourmet Food 

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How Do You Know If Treatment Is Needed?

Some people are very good at hiding the severity of their addictions (from others and themselves). They say: “Sure, I like to have some drinks after work. That doesn’t mean I’m an alcoholic.” 


There are a few questions to ask when it comes to realizing your own addiction, or an addiction of a family member:

Are there health risks?

Sometimes the body is the driving force in getting help. Maybe your drinking has led to a dangerously unhealthy liver. Or your drug use has led to a weakened heart.


Whatever the cause, when you hear this information from your doctor, you need to make treatment plans as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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Is your life being affected?

Do you find yourself getting into more arguments with your spouse? Is your workload slipping? Are you skipping time with your kids for time with your substance of choice?


These changes can be subtle or obvious. When you begin to gauge what aspects of your life you’re putting in jeopardy, you may experience a surge of motivation to seek treatment.

Are you uncomfortable with your behavior?

Maybe no one else has noticed your drug or alcohol addiction. Maybe you still have great relationships with your family. Maybe you’re so “high-functioning” that everyone thinks you’re a rockstar in the office.


But how do you feel about your destructive habit? Often if you really allow yourself to truthfully answer this question, you’ll already know there’s a problem. You just have to be brave enough to do something about it. 

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Why Choose Inpatient Treatment?

Some executives think they can address their addiction on their own. In reality, addictions are the result of a deep wound, one you can’t snap your fingers and “fix” overnight. If you could, you wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. 


Yet when they try to stop cold turkey, and ultimately end up relapsing, they feel even more ashamed, angry, and lost than they did before.*

Other busy professionals struggling with addiction choose outpatient treatment. The benefits are alluring — the opportunity to stay at home and schedule therapy sessions around your meetings. 


This approach may help you for a while, but it’s often only a short-time fix. Because you’re still going to be in positions where your clients want to take you out to an alcohol-filled dinner. Or when you’re feeling really depressed, and all you have to do is call up your dealer to get more pills. 

Inpatient treatment takes these options away. When you check into a rehab, you’re promising yourself that you aren’t going to do a half-hearted job at recovering. You’re fully committed to changing your life — and at the end of the day, is there anything more important than that?


*We never recommend detoxing, or stopping “cold turkey,” on your own. Due to serious health risks associated with detoxing from alcohol and drugs, you should plan to detox in a medically-supervised environment (like an executive rehab).

What Can Be Treated?

Drug Addictions

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cocaine 
  • Prescription drugs

Dual Diagnosis

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma

Eating Disorders

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating

How Long Does Inpatient Rehabilitation Last?

For a busy executive, the typical inpatient rehab stay is 30 days.


Most programs also offer a type of aftercare to assist you in continuing your progress when you go back home. 


For professionals that want more in-depth treatment programs, and can work remotely for an extended time, there are 60- and 90-day lengths as well. 

How Is the Program Structured? — Can I Still Work?

Many executive treatment facilities isolate you from life and work. This approach is counterproductive for two reasons:

1. If you’re not able to attend to business for a month or longer, this puts your business at risk. That’s only going to increase your anxiety. What will happen – to your company, your team, your income – while you’re gone?


Some argue that you might need a break from your overworked schedule, which sounds reasonable. But there are advantages to staying connected to your life and work.

2. Your life holds the sources of your triggers. Your relationships, work, and daily minutia are often the catalysts that lead you to grab drugs or alcohol.


Powerful executive rehab programs will help you learn to navigate the knee jerk fight-or-flight responses that have sabotaged your life. What triggers you? A phone call from your partner? Bad news? Overworking? Stress?


With the support of your rehab team, you can learn to stay more balanced when you’re triggered. You’ll need to take these skills back to the real world, so introducing bits of that world into your rehab time can be extraordinarily useful.

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What are the Logistics of Working While in Rehab?

Some rehab programs ask you to “check” your phone upon arrival. A good executive rehab center will allow you to use your phone and laptop as needed, in the privacy of your room. Of course, confidentiality requires you not to bring devices with cameras into public spaces or to group meetings. 


Most good executive drug rehabs will work with you to flexibly schedule your private therapeutic sessions. For example, you may choose to focus on work in the mornings, and push your rehab sessions into the afternoon and evening. Or if a sudden call is necessary, your team will work around it.


This is a big advantage of choosing an executive program. They understand the pressures you’re under, and will customize your program to meet your needs.

What Are the Best Drug Rehabs for Executives?

(And Who Will Be There With Me?)

When looking into addiction treatment centers, executives often wonder, “Who will I be spending my 30 days with?” 


While it’s natural to think that going to an “executives-only” rehab would be the best option, quite the opposite is true. 


Sound counterintuitive? Hear us out. A mix of people from different professional backgrounds decreases competitiveness (come on, you didn’t get to the corner office without a strong competitive streak). 


A good mix of people allows you to relax, “let down your hair”, and be an ordinary person for the time you’re in rehab. It’s important to realize that emotionally, we’re all the same. We have stress, we have relationship struggles, we have career issues.


You don’t recover as an “executive”; you recover as a human being.

Expect to be surrounded by high-functioning people whose successes and personal relationships are at risk. They’ll be highly motivated to change their lives and learn skills to prevent further relapses. 


An executive treatment center will likely be a more expensive, high-end program. This means the people attending will have paid a sizable amount for their recovery; with that monetary commitment comes a motivator that they get the full value for their money. 

Your Addiction Is Not A Life Sentence

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What Happens During Treatment?

(Will the classes be too slow for me?)

If you’ve been running a business, you’re obviously smart and successful. But traditional rehab centers often have to play to the lowest common denominator, so everyone in the group can keep up. 


One key advantage of executive rehab is that the program will play to your intelligence. Successful, high-profile business people have particular ways of learning and applying information. A top executive rehab center will capitalize on that. Your program will be personalized, efficient and tough.


Many high-functioning individuals suffer from addictive behaviors they can’t stop. Understanding the root causes of those behaviors, and leveraging your talent for generating solutions, can accelerate your recovery.


Utilizing a Non 12 Step therapeutic technique is a good example of this. Your current ways of thinking about your situation haven’t helped you break free. So let’s change the focus. What questions aren’t you asking? What internal sabotages aren’t you seeing? By using neutral questions to identify negative beliefs you hold, you can begin to understand why you haven’t been able to stop your pattern up to this point.


Most executives have a highly developed business sense. They can see around the corner, and think outside the box. In a great recovery program, you’ll learn how to turn that skillset on yourself.

What Does a Day Look Like? (List of Treatments Provided)

Executive programs understand that many successful professionals are go, go, go — you didn’t get to where you are by sitting around! Expect days filled with diversified types of treatment and activities, including: 

  • One-On-One Therapy — The exclusivity of an executive rehab means you’ll be offered more one-on-one therapy sessions than in other rehab programs. Here you can dive into the deeper causes of your addiction and become aware of why you think and act the way you do. 
  • Experiential, Non 12 Step TherapyExperiential therapy offers unique opportunities to take a hands-on approach to your healing. Professionals often thrive off the difficult nature of walking through one’s anxiety, as they know firsthand the rewards of hard work.  
  • Holistic Services — Deeply personal therapy sessions can take a lot out of you. The holistic services offered at executive rehab centers are there to help relax your mind and body. A few holistic services include massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and meditation.
  • Movement/Fitness — Many professionals respect their bodies and take good care of them. For these folks, executive rehabs incorporate time to work out or get some movement to your muscles. These options are typically personalized to the individual, but they can include yoga, weight lifting, or swimming.

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What Is Executive Treatment Like? (Amenities and Exclusivity)

Some executives opt for very institutionalized rehab programs out of a misguided belief that they must suffer to get better. But at the end of the day, punishment does not improve addiction recovery.


Yes, it’s important to choose a serious drug and alcohol rehab that is truly focused on helping you resolve your substance abuse. Expect to work hard, and be challenged.


But while you are recovering, there’s no need to lower your standard of living.


Be nourished with delicious, healthy food; sleep in a comfortable bed with spotless linens; receive nurturing massages; relax in a spacious, well-loved environment. 


Staying in luxury rehabs isn’t the focus or the point: it’s conscientious support, so you can give your full attention to the real work at hand: your recovery.

Paying for Treatment

The majority of executive rehabs have you pay for your treatment upfront. Then, you can file a claim with your insurance to get a potential reimbursement.

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Confidentiality in an Executive Rehab Center

One key advantage to executive rehab centers is heightened confidentiality. More than in other types of rehab centers, honoring privacy is an integral part of the program’s culture. The staff has been carefully selected and trained; and other clients understand the need for privacy.


One of the most important elements of substance abuse treatment is to make sure that you feel safe. Safety for an executive or business owner is about being in an environment that understands the burden of leadership. As a leader, there are potential consequences to exposing yourself to people who do not have the maturity to understand your situation. 


It is a wonderful experience to be seen at this level. You are a high-powered leader who deserves a program that carries strong ethics, with people who have your back no matter what you are dealing with.

Avive la Vie Executive Rehab Program

We know the most optimal combination of therapies, services, and amenities to help executives recover.

High Staff to Client Ratio

Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures that you have every kind of support at your disposal.


Our staff includes: 


  • Specially-trained therapists to help you resolve the deeper causes of your addiction
  • A premiere medical team to help make your detox as comfortable (and safe) as possible
  • Gourmet chefs that love to hear your food preferences
  • Holistic practitioners to help calm your mind and body

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Private Rooms

  • Quiet places to conduct your work
  • Airy private bedrooms 
  • Relaxing environment with gorgeous views

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Flexible Schedule

We work with professionals to create a customized schedule that works best for them. This often includes designated time for executives to work for a few hours in the morning before their sessions begin for the day.

Be Proactive. Take Back Your Life Today.

We understand that you didn’t think you’d ever get to this point. But now is not the time to question yourself or your choices.


It’s the time to have compassion for yourself and the wounds you’ve experienced that have brought you here.


It’s the time to look forward rather than dwell on your past.


Now is the time to take back your life.


Give us a call to learn how we can help you do that. 541-887-4045