Bulimia Treatment Center

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Bulimia Treatment Center

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

How Can a Bulimia Treatment Center Help?

We understand how difficult it is to even come to this point. To admit that you have an eating disorder — and may need to go to a bulimia treatment center — is a very courageous thing to do.


We also understand that you may not have always had an issue with food. Maybe the toxic messages of social media and peer pressure influenced you. But with every purge, came a little more anxiety, shame, and unhappiness with your body.


Maybe it got to the point where you were carefully planning your food intake — choosing to eat your veggies first, and then binge eating loads of ice cream. Then, you’d tell yourself that you’d purge just a little; you were purging the unhealthy ice cream, not the nutritious broccoli.


Unfortunately, bulimia doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to pick and choose what nutrients you retain. Fortunately, you do get to the pick the team that can help you get your physical, mental, and emotional health back on track.


At Avive la Vie, our holistically-trained medical team can provide the support you need to build back your physical health, while also treating any discomfort you are currently experiencing.


We look at more than just your eating habits. We don’t tell you what you can and can’t eat. We don’t make you ask for a key to use the bathroom. We collaborate with you. We help you feel seen. We address the underlying issues that led to your eating disorder, and we teach you practical, healthy coping mechanisms to use instead.


Here, you’re respected and given a safe place to learn, grow, and heal.

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Do I Need to Stay in a Residential Rehab Facility?

It takes 28 days to break a habit. And when the habit you’re trying to break is something as complex as bulimia, the full support and experience of a residential treatment center is vital to creating long-term change. An inpatient treatment program offers a full staff of compassionate, skilled team members who are well-experienced in treating the deeper issues driving your bulimia.


If you try to overcome your eating disorder at home, you don’t have this support system behind you. Even if your family and friends are there for you emotionally, they likely don’t really know what it’s like to battle bulimia. They also don’t have the medical and therapeutic expertise to keep you safe. The pressure of trying to stop your bulimia on your own can end up creating even more anxiety and shame.


As far as outpatient treatment facilities, they might be an option for you — you’d have to look at where your health and comfort level is. As a rule of thumb, however, outpatient treatment is more designed as a follow up service; most people do better if they go to residential treatment first, and then outpatient after they get back home.

Benefits of Inpatient Bulimia Treatment

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Top Notch Medical Care

Sometimes the health ramifications from bulimia can be easy to see – you may get dizzy often, your throat could feel swollen, you could have hemorrhoids from overusing laxatives. Other times, the consequences are harder to see – tooth damage, irregular heartbeat, stomach or esophagus damage.


Regardless, as you’re working back to a healthy relationship with food, you want experienced professionals who are holistically- and medically-trained; who have your back and are making sure your body is repairing itself. 


In addition to medical doctors and nurses, a registered nutritionist can be incredibly helpful for answering all your questions about food and nutrition. 


*While not common, some clients who seek out our services are in very poor health. In these cases, our medical director may recommend the client first go to a hospitalization program, where they can receive medical stabilization and hospital-level medical care.

The Chance to Stay Connected to Your Life

Many bulimia inpatient programs don’t allow their clients to use their laptops or phones. We think this is counterproductive to healing. We know how nurturing and motivating a call from family members can be, and we want to allow you to stay connected and use them as a support system if you want to. 


Additionally, if you need to continue doing some work or stay up-to-date on your classes while you’re with us, you’ll have that opportunity. This can make the break from work or school doable for a lot of people. 

A Safe Place to Heal

As we mentioned, we’re not going to keep all the food behind lock and key or only allow permitted bathroom breaks. At Avive la Vie, we allow you a level of independence. At the same time, your day is filled with different therapy sessions and therapeutic activities, where you are beginning to unwind the tangled underlying issues that are contributing to your eating disorder and learning skills to self-regulate in a healthier way. 


For example, say you’re speaking on the phone with your mom, and your anxiety gets triggered. You feel the urge to purge, and you’re not sure what to do. When you’re with us, you can find a staff member and speak with them about it. The therapy team can use this experience as a real-life example for how you can respond in a different way in the future.  


Most importantly, when you’re in our environment, you can take a sigh of relief. You’re in great hands, and we’ll do everything in our power to support you while you’re with us. 

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Finally Heal

• Secluded, luxurious setting

• Few clients at a time

Top-of-the-line medical care

Private or shared bedrooms available

• Wide array of holistic services

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Symptoms of Bulimia

Below are some common symptoms of bulimia nervosa (commonly known as bulimia):


Low self-esteem and issues with your body

Fear of gaining weight

Binge eating (eating a large amount of food in one sitting)

Feeling like you can’t control your eating

Purging (vomiting)

Misusing laxatives 

Strict dieting


How We Address the Underlying Issues

Oftentimes when someone is struggling with bulimia, they are also struggling with co-occurring disorders, like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. These mental health issues are often undiagnosed and left unchecked. Once we help you identify these mental health disorders, we can help you learn new skills to manage your fight-or-flight response.


We also always bring the tools we teach back to your body. When you create change at a body-level, you create change long-term. 


So, for example, we know that many of our clients struggling with bulimia hate the feeling of being full. What if we could tie a different experience to that feeling? 


What if the feeling of your stomach expanding was now tied to the deep exhale from doing a circular, conscious breath exercise?


Creating new experiences are vital to changing our patterned behaviors, and we’ll guide you through every step of this process. 

Are Bulimia Rehabs Private and Confidential?

For eating disorder treatment centers, you want to look at their accreditations to see if they are a credible program. 


Certifications prove that a program has been vetted by the proper officials and offers a top-tier program.


With these accreditations come very specific privacy and confidentiality requirements, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.

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How Long Does Inpatient Bulimia Rehabilitation Last?

Most of our clients with bulimia stay for 30 days; they then often sign up for our six month aftercare program, where they can experience a continuum of care by working with our therapists. In these aftercare sessions, one of our therapists helps the person integrate their newfound skills into their daily lives.


We also believe that it’s essential not to push anyone when it comes to their recovery. The last thing you need is to feel more pressure, especially from the people who are helping you heal. This means that for some people, they’re not quite ready to leave us after 30 days. In these cases, they may choose to extend to 60 or 90 days.

What Does Treatment Consist Of?

One thing that really sets our program apart is our level of collaboration. We don’t simply create a treatment plan and eating schedule and order you to follow it. We include you, since you’re the expert on your condition. 


Based on this information, our treatment team will create a customized plan that is going to be most effective for you specifically. Through this process, we’ll honor what you think, how you feel, and all the feelings of repression you may have felt in your life.


We’ll help you regain and reclaim your voice. 

Paying for Bulimia Treatment

Many programs, like Avive la Vie,  require payment upfront. Then, if you have PPO (out-of-network) insurance, our team can help you with submitting a request for reimbursement.

Where Should I Get Treatment?

When deciding where you want to go, think about where you’ve felt the most at ease and relaxed. Was it on a hiking trip in the mountains? A beach vacation? A ski trip? When you stayed at your grandparents’ farm?


The image that comes to mind is a good place to start for looking for treatment options. This is because anxiety plays a large part in bulimia; and if you can naturally take some of that anxiety away simply by being in a calming setting, wouldn’t you want to?

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Bulimia Treatment Methods

We use a variety of methods to help you in your healing process. Our proprietary therapeutic modality, Experiential Engagement Therapy, utilizes evidence-based, hands-on techniques to more effectively learn self-regulation skills. 


We also incorporate a variety of holistic methods in our treatment for eating disorders, including: 


  • acupuncture 
  • massage therapy 
  • yoga 
  • art therapy
  • music therapy
  • equine therapy
  • outdoor therapy
  • nature excursions


These holistic practices help our clients to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Now Is the Time for Action

While it may not feel like it, the times we’re fully motivated to seek treatment can be fleeting. Life and nerves can get in the way. But if you’ve read through this whole page, you’re likely in a place where you need help right now. 


We offer so much more than is on this page – beautiful accommodations and a wonderful compassionate staff. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you change your life.