Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Address the Root Cause of Alcohol Addiction

You might have a wonderful life — a thriving career and loving family — and you don’t want your friends and family to think differently of you because you’re looking into an alcohol addiction rehab


But this feeling like you need to hide just aggravates your drinking. Since you are high-functioning and intelligent, it makes it all the more frustrating when you go to a therapist or a 12 step program, do everything you’re supposed to, and still can’t seem to stay sober.


When you’re successful in the other parts of your life, the feeling that you don’t have the “self-control” to stop drinking can be toxic, and drive the drinking cycle even more.


You’ve been stuck into a programmed mindset where your anxiety and shame thrive — and the only way you’ve been able to combat them is through numbing out through alcohol. When you learn how to develop a new mindset, along with new self-regulation skills, you can finally create long-term change.

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What Happens in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

Like most other addictions, alcoholism is a symptom of a deeper pain. This pain, and the self-criticism that it provokes, is what fuels your need to drink.


Breaking this pattern of self-criticism is where most traditional residential treatment programs fall short. While they help you get sober initially, they don’t address the underlying beliefs and co-occurring disorders that drive your addiction.


So, when you return to “the real world” and are once again confronted with old triggers, what happens? If the root cause of your addiction is not resolved, that hidden pain can come flooding back — and the result is usually a relapse. This is why many people who have been to an alcohol addiction rehab and have years of AA meetings behind them still relapse.


At Avive la Vie, our addiction counselors will help you uncover the conditioned and programmed way of thinking that fuels your alcohol abuse. This path out of addiction will bring tremendous relief, and with it, a sense of clarity you may have never known before.

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Avive La Vie's

Alcohol Rehab

• Small residential facility

• Private & shared bedrooms available

• Gorgeous views

• Delicious, nutrient-packed food

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Labels Are for Soup Cans — Not People

Your alcohol addiction does not mean you are a bad person. It means you are a person who is hurting and needs help. At Avive la Vie, we will not label you as an “addict” or “alcoholic.” Labeling and building an identity around your drinking is counterproductive to your recovery and only reinforces the core beliefs that lead you to drink.


Think of it this way. If you have a peanut allergy, do you introduce yourself by saying, “I’m John, and I have a peanut allergy.” Of course not. Because your peanut allergy does not define you. This isn’t to say that you should go eat a lot of peanuts. You know you and peanuts don’t mix, and you don’t need to make anything else of it.


You are not your peanut allergy, or your addiction. While in our care, you will be treated with compassion and respect – like the valuable, whole person that you are. We will help you end your alcohol addiction, re-discover your sense of self-worth, and help you find balance, joy and hope in your new addiction-free life!

Why Alcohol Use Statistics Aren’t What You Need to Hear

We also don’t believe that it’s beneficial to your healing to present a PowerPoint explaining all the reasons why drinking excessively is bad for you. 


You’re not stupid. You know that your drinking isn’t good for you. But, despite that knowledge, you can’t stop. 


That’s where our Experiential Engagement Therapy comes into play. We help you understand the underlying issues that propel you to keep drinking, even when you know you shouldn’t. We teach you the tools to navigate your fight-or-flight response in a different, healthier way.


We’ll respect your intelligence, and work off of it to create long-term sobriety in your life.

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Overcome Alcohol Abuse

  • Change the Negative Mindset that Leads You to Drink
  • Experience Relief from the Anxiety that Binds You
  • Create Real Connection with Yourself & Others
  • Reconnect with Your Passion
  • See Yourself in a New Light

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What is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

So, what exactly will you be doing at an inpatient treatment center? 


At most inpatient rehabs, you’ll see a therapist and do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, talk therapy is only part of what you need to truly change your behavior.


It’s been proven that when someone’s fight-or-flight response is triggered,  their ability to rationalize goes out the window. This means that your mind isn’t able to obtain those concepts that you discussed in therapy. 


Instead, you need to experience these concepts in your body. So, in our skills-based program, you’ll be in sessions focused on Mindful Inquiry, Core Belief Restructuring, emotional intelligence, art or music therapy, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).


You’ll also have the opportunity to heal your body, mind, and spirit through a wide variety of holistic services offered throughout your stay. These can include acupuncture, nutritional therapy, yoga, massage therapy, or meditation and conscious breathing sessions.


Our unique combination of holistic and experiential practices helps you address your addiction from every possible angle. 

How Long Does Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Take?

• 30-, 60-, 90-day programs

• Option of 6-month aftercare

• Private suites with ocean views

• Shared or private rooms available

Types of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs

When people are looking into different alcohol treatment centers, there are a few categories that they typically look at first:


  1. What are the accommodations like? Will I be comfortable for my 30+ days at this center?
  2. What staff do they have? What is the staff-to-client ratio?
  3. What will my day look like? Am I going to be bored?


While these are all good questions, we invite you to take a deeper look at the methodology the substance abuse treatment center uses. The rehab’s therapeutic method, above all else, is what will truly determine if the treatment works for you.

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Avive la Vie's Methodology

At Avive la Vie, we pride ourselves on offering a skill-based program. What this means is that we teach you self-regulation skills to replace your negative coping mechanism of drinking. 


We understand that to really anchor in change, it’s vital to experience this change at a body level. For this reason, we give you a safe space to practice these tools and skills while you’re with us, using real-life situations from your daily life. 


One way we’re able to create such realistic situations is that we allow you to use your phone and laptop while you’re in our program. So, one day, if you have an argument with your spouse, you may come to your therapy session a little emotionally charged. Our therapists will see this recent disagreement as an opportunity to try out your new skills. With their guidance, you’ll be able to experience yourself responding to a triggering situation in a new, healthier way. 


The more we practice these techniques with you, the more prepared you are when you go back home. And if you decide you want some additional support once you go back and live at home, you can sign up for our six-month aftercare program, where you can continue to work with our therapy team. 

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis

Many people struggling with substance use disorders are also dealing with co-occurring disorders, like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder (though they are often undiagnosed). These unchecked co-occurring disorders continually aggravate your addiction, so it’s essential to simultaneously treat alcohol abuse and mental health issues.


At Avive la Vie, we customize your treatment options based on your unique combination of substance abuse and mental health needs. For example, if you’re drinking, abusing Oxycodone, and have depression, we’ll make sure your treatment plan includes re-evaluating your medications, trying out different therapies to help with your depression, and teaching you different self-regulation skills to use instead of drinking.


This personalization is just one of many ways we continue to be one of the most innovative and customized alcohol rehab programs in the United States.

An Alcohol Rehab Center that Succeeds Where Others Have Failed

The treatment you will receive for alcohol abuse at our program is not like the traditional 12-step programs with which you are probably already familiar. Our program is not about nightly support groups or meetings or sharing your stories of suffering with strangers. Instead, we focus on three things:

1. Helping you to become physically and emotionally healthy
2. Helping you to identify and address the conditioned, programmed way of your thinking
3. Helping you to gain the strength and personal awareness you need to end your alcohol addiction

Here, in this safe haven, you will begin to heal your deepest emotional distress and free yourself from the compulsion to “numb out” with alcohol. We can help you end your alcohol addiction. Call us at 541-887-4045.

*Let’s be clear: we are not dogmatic. If you wish to attend 12 step meetings, we are happy to accompany you to one of many local meetings. Your unique needs are important to us, and we’re happy to support you in what helps you to heal.

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Safe, Medically-Supervised Alcohol Detox

Doctor working with patient at addiction treatment center

Our medical team has a great deal of experience helping people go through a healthy detoxification treatment for alcohol. Our medical professionals will create a customized, medically-supervised detox plan specifically for you.


This process includes meeting with a physician, who will assess your current level of physical health. This information is shared with our medical director, who takes this into account while creating your treatment plan. Since our program is based in collaboration, our medical director next meets with you to hear your personal fears, goals, medical history, and your personal assessment of your situation.


While you are going through the detox process, the medical team will frequently be checking in with you, to make sure you’re feeling attended to and supported. This personalized care allows you to experience the safety and compassion of our cocoon of care.

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Live Without the

Crutch of Alcohol

• Eliminate Urges & Cravings

• Detox in a Medically-Supervised Environment

• Gain Skills to Stop Your Need to Drink

• Regain Your Health & Vitality

• Learn How to Repair Your Relationships

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Take Charge of your Life

How many days have you woken up in disbelief of your behavior from the night before? With a pounding headache and a body that feels like it wants to fall apart?


Have you developed an anger toward yourself, because you feel like there’s some part of you that has just been sabotaging your attempts to get sober?


We’ll help you learn how this technique — of using negative thinking to try and motivate yourself — is part of the problem. 


In our safe and caring environment, you will experience the feeling of being fully supported and valued by safe, experienced and authentic addiction treatment professionals whose sole focus is your recovery.


You can end your alcohol addiction. Call us at 541-887-4045 and let’s take those first steps together into your addiction-free future.