Cocaine Treatment and Rehab in Oregon

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Cocaine Treatment and Rehab in Oregon

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

How to Overcome Your Cocaine Addiction

Chasing success can be a drug in itself. Chasing the high of getting that next deal or that promotion — always wanting more. People who need cocaine rehab often are success-seekers. They can be high energy people who have done well for themselves, and the drive for success just takes over. They start to burn the candle at both ends, and they’re desperate for a way to stay alert and energized. Enter cocaine. 


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in your field. Your drive is what makes you uniquely you; we don’t want to change that. However, there is a way to shift your focus to building yourself up in a healthy way — one that doesn’t tear down your relationships, leaving you with a lonely place at the top. 


Learning skills to better navigate your fight-or-flight response will lead you to adopt better ways to cope with the stress of success. There is a way to have it all — you just need some help in achieving it. 

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Table of Contents

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Take Back Your Life

• Eliminate Urges & Cravings

• Detox in a Safe Environment

• Gain Skills to Stop Your Need to Use

• Regain Your Health & Vitality

• Learn How to Repair Your Relationships

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How Is Cocaine Addiction Treated?

Learn How to Create Balance in Your Life

Right now, your life may be out of balance. You’ve lost sight of what it means to have a true connection to your life. Your relationships may be crumbling around you, and you’re at a loss for what to do. 


It’s time for you to understand why you prioritize success so much. What part of you feels the need to base your success in life on outside factors? How can you learn to feel fulfilled from other aspects of your life? 


It’s time for you to relearn how to create genuine connections in your life; and begin to realize that there are things — your health, your loved ones, your passions — that are more important than success. 

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Relearn How to Experience Genuine Happiness

Oftentimes people confuse the rush of cocaine with happiness. Just because you have this temporary feeling of euphoria does not mean you’re happy. 


This is similar to confusing getting attention with being loved. Sure, it feels great to get those messages or compliments. But are they truly building you up? Are they supporting your dreams? Are you able to be completely real and vulnerable with them? 


In most cases, no. This is the same with cocaine and happiness. This fleeting feeling is great, but you’re left feeling empty after the high fades away. So, you snort more to get away from that feeling. 


You have to use more and more to escape that void feeling, until you get to the point where you don’t like who you’ve become when you’re sober. 

The Culture of Cocaine Use

It can be easy to get caught up in the lifestyle of cocaine. Everyone else is in the same game as you, focused on being the best and doing whatever is necessary to get there. 


It’s important to realize that currently, you’re in a world that propels your drug addiction. Your cohorts have built an environment that only focuses on the positives of cocaine use, while you’re left to face the dangers of your addiction alone.


The idea of letting go of these friends can seem impossible. But when you start learning more about yourself, why you do what you do, and what your life can look like without drugs, you’ll begin to see the reality of your current social situation.

FAQs of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that can be taken in a variety of ways. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, these can include snorting cocaine powder, rubbing the powder into their gums, or dissolving the powder and injecting it into their bloodstream. Another way of use is to smoke a crystalized form of cocaine (called crack).

Cocaine Abuse and Effects

One of the most dangerous aspects of cocaine use is that the user never knows exactly what is in the substance they’re snorting or injecting. This is because dealers often mix other substances into the powder. This unknown concoction can have fatal consequences, especially when someone is mixing cocaine with other drugs. 


Based on these factors, it’s possible to overdose on your very first time of using cocaine.


Cocaine also has a number of side effects when you get high, including increasing your heart rate drastically and constricting your blood vessels. Long-term effects of cocaine use vary depending on what form you use it. These effects can include: high blood pressure, seizures, paranoia, heart attack, or stroke. 

Avive La Vie Cocaine Addiction Drug Rehab

How We're Different

Some treatment facilities focus only on your substance use disorders. They’ll tell you that you shouldn’t continue your cocaine use, but they often fail to show you how.


We believe that we learn best by doing. Because of this, we teach you specific self-regulation skills you can use to navigate your fight-or-flight response.


So next time you’re stressed out because a big project is running past its deadline, instead of snorting a pile of cocaine, you can use EFT tapping to calm your body. Then you can use Mindful Inquiry to dive into the deeper fear you’re feeling in this moment. This is just one of many tools we teach you to create long-term change in your life.

Heal Amongst Nature

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• Peaceful, expansive property

• Private & shared rooms available

• Wide array of holistic services

• Small, intimate setting

Heal The Core of Your Cocaine Addiction.

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Safely Detox from Cocaine

Our medical team is dedicated to making your medically-supervised detox the most safe and comfortable process possible. Our medical director and medical professionals are well-experienced in supervising a cocaine detox, as well as treating someone who is using cocaine in combination with other substances. 


 Our integrative perspective ensures that we’re approaching your detox from all angles. This includes managing any medications, recommending supplements to get your immune health back up, practicing acupuncture to ease your symptoms, and working with our chefs to provide the food that will be most nourishing for you.


*Our clients always consult with a doctor to ensure that they are medically a good fit for our program.

A Non 12 Step Therapeutic Approach

Have you tried Cocaine Anonymous? Or been to 12 Step rehab programs to try to overcome your addiction? Whether this is your first time to treatment or your third, you’ll immediately notice the difference of the compassionate, collaborative feeling of Avive La Vie.


We don’t want to label our clients as “cocaine abusers” or erase your identity among the other people in recovery. Instead, we want to identify the deeper reason behind your addiction. To do this, we use evidence-based, experiential therapy and create a customized treatment plan that will be most effective for you.


Rather than only offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we offer a combination of individual and group therapy, including:

  • Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) Method
    Changes the programming that creates addiction


  • Experiential Engagement Therapy
    Retainable, hands-on learning


  • Holistic Health Integration
    Physical – emotional – mental – essence healing


  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
    Resolve anxiety & PTSD

How Do I Find Help for a Cocaine Addiction?

You’ve found yourself in a place you probably didn’t ever expect to be in. Maybe you were just wanting to be more productive; maybe you were trying to fill a hole.


Whatever the reason, you want to seek treatment — instead of rehashing the past, let’s focus on the present moment. You want to change your life. That’s courageous and deserves praise. 


Now you’ll want to find a cocaine rehab center that can help you take back your life. You’ll want to look at treatment programs that address the underlying issues that are driving your cocaine addiction. Treatment centers that have top-notch medical teams who can help you safely detox off of your substance. Maybe one that has a private setting, where you can fully let go and open yourself to your recovery process.


Call us today to see how we can help you get back to a healthy, fulfilled life.