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New Life Direction Program

We believe that the more you learn to operate out of your being and connect with your true self, the less power addiction has over you. Our program includes a special focus on guiding you in finding your desires and passions and helping you discover your individual life mission. We help you navigate the inner vision for your life, and we support you to take action to make it a reality during your program. We call it the New Life Direction Program, which runs concurrently with your therapy program. By the time you are ready to leave, your new life has already begun.

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Live According to

Your Core Values

• Garner Passion, & Then More Passion!

• Get Clear About Your Life Direction

• Learn Skills to Manifest Your Goals

• Consistently Feel Powerful & Enthusiastic

• Overcome Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Redesign Your Life

Starting on day one at Avive la Vie, you begin a New Life Direction program which runs concurrently with your addiction recovery treatment. Together, we create a clear plan for your empowered new life, beyond the old addiction patterns. In one-on-one sessions, you will gain the skills to overcome old addiction triggers.


You will redesign your life the way you want it to be. Rather than attending nightly 12 Step meetings, you are supported to build your own field of dreams in an empowering process that prepares you to live as a healthy, sober and deeply satisfied person. As you reveal what genuinely brings you authentic joy, you will be encouraged to explore and take action on your own personal life vision.


Your passion becomes your mission as you focus on doing what you love to do. Your renewed path of joy supports your choice to remain sober and fully engaged in your life. We help you rediscover the sensation of being you ― at your best.

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Your Primary Purpose and Individual Mission

In creating a life of sobriety, attitude matters. We will coach you in choosing what you focus on, directing your thoughts, practicing gratitude, living in joy, practicing self-care and being fully present. With our experiential therapies, you will start practicing these ways of living during the program and begin to experience the joy of cultivating a positive attitude.


Having a purpose in life is essential to direct your attention and focus when you return home. We help you explore what you want for your life and identify what you are truly passionate about. Through the Core Belief Restructuring program, you will connect with your true essence, which will make it much easier for you to identify your deep desires.

Your Empowerment Focus

One of the major issues for someone with an addiction is the lack of a sense of direction and purpose in life. It’s one thing to be able to get over one’s substance abuse, but now there may seem to be a big hole in your life. If you don’t spend your time drinking, using drugs and doing the habitual routine, what are you going to do? Finding a new way of living that is exciting, inspiring and deeply meaningful makes a fundamental difference. It becomes a powerful, relapse prevention system.

In order to help you find and apply a newfound direction in your life, we’ve designed in our curriculum a support system for you to begin right away. This will help you establish a strong sense that you can change permanently and can look forward to an empowered life, rather than relapse, after leaving rehab.


Early on in the program, we help you come up with a mission statement, or what we call an Empowerment Focus, connected with your own personal values. This focus and your commitment to it will become the engine to propel you on this new journey. Second, we help you set clear and achievable goals as well as specific actions to begin living with this purposeful focus. These actions will be implemented in special evening and weekend sessions.

We discuss what needs to happen for you to live according to your Empowerment Focus. How do you live this mission on a daily basis? What would you have to change? What would your day look like if you lived according to this clear understanding? What would you be doing? What would stop you from living it? What actions will you take to create a life that supports this Empowerment Focus being the central focus?


An accomplished life mission therapist will guide you to affirm that the actions you determine are realistic, achievable, and really “fit” you as in individual. Together with the therapist, you will set some concrete goals and accessible steps that can be taken immediately. At first, we keep the steps within the program, with an evening and weekend curriculum opportunity.


Once you’ve succeeded doing a step or several, we invite you to celebrate your accomplishments, and we begin exploring how you can extend this to your life when you leave treatment.

Taking Action Towards Your Mission

The key to the New Life Direction is to understand that passion and action together create a new habit of being, and what you need to get there is some kind of discipline to create new habits.


New habits don’t just happen on their own. This new way of living does not come alive through pressuring or pushing ourselves with willpower. Just think about a long list of new year’s resolutions and goals you may have set in the past — when you didn’t accomplish your goals how did you feel? Overwhelmed? Like a failure? We want to help you get to a place where these dark thoughts don’t lurk behind every misstep we take.


When you have a purpose and live as a passionate person, everything can change. Instead of making a long list of who you should be and various goals for your life, we will have you connect with one thing. One thing that you are truly passionate about.

What you will experience is that the one thing that you’re connected with (it can be a very simple thing) will have repercussions for all the other areas of your life, like fitness, health, relationships, career, etc. That is the core of the New Life Direction process. We create ONE FOCUS that is attainable and sustainable. That one thing should consume most hours of the day and through this one thing other areas of life will be built: connections, relationships, health.


As you follow passion, your passion will start to change and grow, like planting a seed and watering it every day. The watering is taking action. The New Life Direction Program is about connecting with that passion and growing it. After you align your passion with action, you’ll be amazed at the plentiful garden you find before yourself.

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Life Skills and Relapse Prevention

It is important to understand that the key to success is a lot of internal support to not succumb to doubt and old programming that will arise when you start taking action to do what you are passionate about. Strong resistance will come up, the Monkey Mind will say things like: “What are you doing? You’re stupid to want to learn new things. It’s never going to work. You can’t change. You can’t make money doing this.”


That is why the Aftercare Life Skills Program Extension is so important. Transitioning back into everyday life while adhering to your new passion plan can be difficult, and we want to be able to support you through the process.