How We Treat

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

How We Treat

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Resolve the Core of Your Addiction

At Avive la Vie, our holistic addiction treatment is about more than just abstinence – it is about true healing on every level.


In order to end your addiction and support you in reclaiming a joyous and fulfilling life, it is essential to address every level of your being. This includes your physical body, hidden pain or past traumas, as well as bringing you in touch with your core essence.


With Core Belief Restructuring, the primary methodology we use, we educate you on how the core beliefs you developed throughout your life have been tinting your experience. Many people think that outside stimuli are what trigger our actions. In reality, our responses are first filtered through our beliefs.

Let’s look at this concept in a real-life example. Say three people lock themselves out of their homes.

One might become angry and kick the door.
Another may sink to the ground and cry.
The third may laugh at the mistake and shrug it off.

If the stimulus controlled our response, all three of these people would have responded in the same way. We’ll explain how you can use this knowledge of your beliefs to shift your perspectives on all of your daily encounters with conflict.


Holistic treatment is based on the most up-to-date research that shows the inextricable relationship between a person’s biology (their chemical balance), their emotions (including past unresolved traumas), their beliefs and mental processes, their habit patterns, and even fitness level. Like the chicken and the egg — one creates the other. All the parts and stages are essential to the whole person.

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Our Five Stages of

Healing Addiction

Learn where addiction really comes from

Address and release pain & anxiety

Harness powerful tools to end addiction

Acquire skills to defeat the triggers of addiction

Joyful Living
Regain life purpose & passion for living

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Healing the Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind is that voice inside your head that is constantly reminding you what is wrong with you.

“You’re not good enough.”
“You don’t deserve this.”
“You’re ugly.”

The biggest problem with the Monkey Mind is that it is constantly running on a loop, hardly ever pausing for a breath. It gets loudest in your moments of weakness, piling the shame on after you’ve done something you wish you hadn’t.

“You’re just a drunk.”
“You’ll never stop using.”

This voice is one of the driving forces behind addiction. It gets so loud and overwhelming in your mind, that you get to the point where you can’t stand it anymore. To shut it up, you drink or use, to slowly numb yourself until you can’t hear it anymore.


This vicious cycle of listening to the Monkey Mind’s voice, then using, then feeling ashamed is something many of us have experienced. No matter how how hard we try to stifle it’s repetitious monologue, the Monkey Mind does not let up until we explore the deeper beliefs being triggered; and then change those harmful beliefs into beneficial beliefs.


In our program, we use a number of experiential techniques to get to the source of this self-inflicted pain and root it out. We teach you how to become aware of the Monkey Mind’s voice, listen to it’s story without hearing the judgments, and change how you respond. This change allows you to base your choices in life on what is healthiest for you in the long run, rather than doing what will make you feel good in the moment.

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Powerful Therapies to Heal Addiction

Core Belief Restructuring Method:
Change the Programming That Creates Addiction

Experiential Engagement Therapy:
Retainable, Hands-On Learning

Non 12-Step Therapy:
Release Fear & Shame-Based Thinking

Holistic Health Integration:
Physical – Emotional – Mental – Essence

Trauma-Informed Therapy:
Resolve Anxiety & PTSD

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Heal at Avive la Vie

Holistic Approach

Why only rely on one method to help you overcome your addiction? Our holistic rehab center offers a wide variety of services to address your addiction from all sides — mind, body, and spirit.


• Our experienced medical team can guide you in a safe detox experience, while also managing your medications and recommending supplements based on what your body is lacking.

• Our bodywork and fitness staff members help get your body some much needed movement, as well as helping your mind and body relax afterwards.

• Our therapists teach you how to navigate your fight-or-flight responses.

Luxurious Accommodations

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Our luxury rehab offers the following features:

• Beautiful, spacious estate

• Private & shared bedrooms available

• Delicious, nutrient-packed meals

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


Non 12 Step Therapy

Our non-12 Step drug rehab builds you up as we help you heal. Here you aren’t simply a number or an “addict.”


You’re a parent; an executive; a volunteer; a romantic; a [fill in the blank].


We believe it’s essential to address the deeper issues that are driving your addiction while recognizing your unique gifts to the world. For this reason, we customize every person’s program so it will be most healing for them.