Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have several questions as you want to get to know the details of the residential rehab program you are considering. We’ve created these frequently asked questions to give you some answers right away. Please review them and/or call our addiction recovery specialists at 541-887-4045 when you would like to get further clarity and more information. Otherwise, our admissions process will give you step-by-step instructions on how to move forwards.

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Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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• YES – You Can Use Your Phone

• Attend to Your Business Matters

• Family Sessions & Visitations Are Welcome

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Is It Better If I Detox Before I Arrive?

If you attempt to stop a substance on your own before you come to our program, it could be dangerous, and generally we do not recommend that. During the intake and admissions process, our clients will receive recommendations for preparing themselves for arrival to the program; these are individualized for you and your unique situation.

What Is the Cost of the Program?

The cost of your program is dependent on several factors. One important factor is if you will be using insurance to assist in financing your program. Another element in the cost of your program is which type of room you would like to reside in during your stay.

We have two options in our program:

  • A private room for 30, 60, or 90 days
  • A shared room for 30, 60, or 90 days

Our program is very robust and you will receive an information packet with a detailed breakdown of what is included in the program when you start the intake process. Please call us today and get educated on our philosophy, treatment approach and program fees – 541-887-4045.

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What Does Your Program Look Like?

We are a very small and private rehab program, which gives us the ability to customize our program for each individual.


In addition, we adapt our program schedule daily based on what is happening for each of our clients in their process. The experience of walking into the foyer to the aromas of gourmet meals and the relaxing environment sets the tone for what our staff refers to as “the safe place for deep, lasting wellness and full recovery.”


Our accommodations are designed with comfort and ‘home’ in mind. Our clients eat beautifully crafted, fresh organic meals prepared to accommodate each individual’s dietary concerns.

How Much Freedom Do I Have? Can I Use My Cell Phone, Laptop, or the Internet?

Our program is about collaboration. That means that yes, you may have access to the Internet, your cell phone and your laptop or whatever else you need to maintain your life in the outer world while working through your healing process.


However, a healthy balance must be agreed upon to ensure that the majority of your energy is focused on doing deep, therapeutic work while in our program. Media use is determined by each individual’s needs and process. For example, when we have a business executive in our program, we want him or her to be able to do any pressing work that needs to be done while they are way.


An executive, or anyone who wants to maintain some responsibilities in their professional life, can have the freedom to do so. The key is to not interfere with the program’s delivery or with the client’s process. We always put what is best for you first. We encourage our clients to be in communication with family and friends for therapeutic reasons. We want you to get exposed to some of the triggers that may be stemming from these relationships. This gives you an opportunity to practice navigating these difficult situations in real time, while having the support of our therapy team behind you.


The opposite is also true; if a client is in a dysfunctional relationship and in a state of complete blaming of outside forces, then they may not be ready to interact with a particular person. In that case, we focus on the core belief restructuring first, until the client has reached a healthy place to communicate with that particular person. There are also days when the program director may call for a media-free day. This decision is made on a therapeutic level with the best interests of each individual in mind.

Can My Friends or Family Visit Me?

Yes, you may have friends or family members arrange to visit with you at the facility. In fact, we highly recommend that loved ones who play a significant role in your life come to the facility at least once during the program to do an intensive therapy session with you.


During these sessions, we work on family and relationship issues, as well as how you can best support one another when you leave our program. You may also go on an outing with your visiting loved ones if it is medically-approved by our doctor. However, we are bound by our licensing to run a drug screening urine test when you get back to the residence. We have a zero-tolerance program, and urine drug screening tests have to be free of all substances. If this is not the case, you will be required to leave the residential rehab program.

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How Fast Can I Come and What Is the Process?

We have a first come first serve policy and require a non-refundable program deposit that will set the intake and admissions process in motion. If there is a room available, for local clients we can easily get a client in within 24 hours, and for clients traveling from elsewhere we can facilitate a 48 hour intake, depending on what the client has to coordinate on their end.


We make the admission process easy for you. We interview you over the phone at length to minimize the paperwork you have to fill out prior to coming to the program. We request that clients arrive Monday through Friday between 9am and 1pm. The main reason for this time frame is that we need to take you to the lab to get blood work done for the medical director to assign your detox protocol. For this reason, we do not do admissions during the weekends.

Can I Come for Less than 30 Days?

No, unfortunately not. We adhere to a thirty-day minimum for all clients. We have worked with our treatment program long enough to understand that it takes time to absorb and retain everything that we have to teach you. Even with a thirty-day program, it can be challenging to get you exposed to everything in the curriculum. We encourage people to stay longer, allowing you to extend your stay after you’ve been in the program for a few days, if there is space available.

Do I Have To Sit Through Long Lectures?

No, we do not have a lecture style program. You will sit in small group therapy sessions, but these sessions are interactive, experiential, and you will have no time to get bored! Your engagement and participation are required for you to recover from your patterns and habits.