Family Support

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Feel Deeply Supported & Encouraged

The support of family and friends plays an important role in addiction recovery. We’re glad if your family member or close friend can come and participate with you during your treatment. We know their support means the world to you, and we want you to feel supported while you are here with us.


Additionally, for those not able to come to our program in person, we’d be more than happy to arrange online therapy sessions with your loved ones, via video conferencing.


It is important to remember that substance abuse affects your family member or significant other as much as it affects you. Resolving family dynamics is paramount to easing your stress and anxiety levels when you integrate back into your life. Your family members and friends will gain great understanding by learning what tools and methods you are acquiring, and which core beliefs you are restructuring. This greater understanding about what has fueled your addiction provides a tremendous healing opportunity for your close relationships.

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Customized Coordination

Our experienced therapy team will work closely together with you to ensure your safety, trust and ability to manage triggers that may come from these interactions. It is a wonderful experiential way of learning. Our commitment is to support and empower you through these experiences.


For in-house sessions, only you and your loved one will be part of the therapy. However, family or friends may be sharing a meal with other clients of our program. Meals, session times, and any outings are all arranged in advance with management. Management will provide your visitor with guidelines to maintain a respectful, confidential and safe environment for all.


All sessions and protocols that involve your family member, significant other or close friend will be planned together with the therapy team. Support can vary from a simple visit to encourage you and provide emotional support, to active therapy to address relationship dynamics.

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Heal Your


• Learn How to Communicate Clearly

• Resolve Disagreements & Conflicts

• Release Tension in Your Relationships

• Be Accountable to Yourself & Others

• Build Friendship with Integrity & Power

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General Support & Communications

We want to make sure your transition to addiction treatment and recovery is easy and comfortable. We understand you live a busy lifestyle and may not be able to take a complete hiatus from your responsibilities.


We support personal business and family contact via phone and computers while you are in our program, to allow your important communications to continue while you are recovering. We will assist you with the details that require ongoing attention so that you can fully participate in your recovery program.

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Rebuild Your Connections

  1. Speak to Your Loved Ones Freely
  2. Recognize Others’ Perspectives
  3. Overcome Triggers in Your Relationships
  4. Stop Defensive Reactions
  5. Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes
  6. Create Heartfelt Connections

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Computer & Phone Support

We support clients to continue to interact with people in their personal and business environment, while dealing with triggers that occur as a result of these interactions. We will work with you to address any specific requests should an urgent business or family matter needs your attention during your program.


We periodically ask clients to take a break from all electronic devices for a day or two in order to deepen their learning and immersion in the program. Because we offer the New Life Direction program simultaneously with your therapy program, your computer and phone are helpful tools to support you taking action toward creating your new life vision. (Assignments often require computer use but a computer is available onsite if needed.)