Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon


Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Change the Mindset That Produces Addiction:

Core Belief Restructuring

Avive La Vie’s Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) treatment program addresses the root causes that are driving self-destructive behavior – and helps you go forward to a life of enriched clarity and joyful sobriety.


We believe it is essential to restructure the hidden beliefs that, until now, have been holding you back. With Core Belief Restructuring, you will learn how your addictions and personal struggles are directly related to your own core beliefs. It consists of very deep work to resolve self-destructive patterns at their source.


CBR goes to the very core of the imprint that was created by life’s events, including the way you were raised, the traumas that happened to you, and conclusions you built around your identity.


CBR helps you understand that your destructive addiction (drinking, using, abusing prescription meds, overeating, shopping, porn, etc.) exists for the numbing of your emotional pain. With CBR, you will discover to permanently release yourself from the pain and quickly begin to experience a brighter outlook, seeing a path of promise in front of you.

CBR teaches you how to change the core beliefs that create destructive patterns and replace these saboteurs with deeply-held, life-affirming beliefs, which you can then begin to use to build a new life. CBR gives you the skills to develop and build a meaningful new life and experience a deep sense of purpose, focus, and commitment.

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Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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Change the Mindset

That Produces


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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The Five Elements of Core Belief Restructuring

Our Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) methodology helps you find your way out of addiction, and this transformation is reflected in all areas of your life. In our program, recovery unfolds in five clear stages.

Vulnerability (self-acceptance) – Become present with what is. Become aware that you’re operating from fear and shame. Begin to accept yourself, your fear, and your shame.

Emotional Fluidity (ability to experience feelings) – Master being in relationship with your emotions. Learn to process the feelings of fear and shame.

Clearing Beliefs (creating change from awareness) – Master clearing the beliefs behind each unwanted behavior. Become conscious that shame is not an effective motivator for lasting change. Be able to clear and re-frame the shame-based beliefs.

Being (operating from self-acceptance & self-worth) – Live from your core essence. where you acknowledge your innate value.

Life Mission (living your purpose in action) – Become committed to your joy and purpose/life mission.

How Does Core Belief Restructuring Work?

CBR is based on the understanding that you already have within you an intelligent system able to heal and recalibrate your behaviors. CBR helps you access that intelligence.


CBR is a process of observing and gathering awareness about yourself, and becoming aware that what you believe is happening is not necessarily what is happening. Once you have a clearer understanding of your own programming, you adopt new beliefs and change takes place. The science of Core Belief Restructuring has been meticulously designed as a comprehensive path to bring about a complete transformation in substance abuse disorders.

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Discover The Key To Successful Addiction Recovery

Have you ever wondered why you learn so much better from doing something hands-on than reading out of a textbook? The idea of learning through doing also applies to addiction treatment. Avive La Vies’s team walks you through a series of specific skills designed to help you manage your fight-or-flight response. After you’ve put these tools into practice while in our care, you’re able to recreate them and apply them to your everyday life when you go back home.

A Clear Road Map to Recovery

At our holistic rehab, we utilize a clear and focused modality as a road map to full recovery. Our powerfully effective Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) methodology gets beneath all the layers of unconscious strategies that drive destructive behaviors.


With customized, one-on-one and small group therapy sessions, you discover what is really controlling your life choices. To permanently eliminate the pain that has driven you into a downward spiral of substance abuse, it is absolutely crucial that the deepest core level of who you are and what you believe is revealed and understood. By becoming astutely aware and changing self-destructive beliefs, you regain your rightful place in the driver’s seat of your life.

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Create Congruency in Your Life

Congruency is the ability to see things as they are, without the need to make up a story to cover reality. You don’t need to justify your actions or make up excuses or stories. Whatever your history, you can choose to be congruent with the facts and interact accordingly, allowing yourself to be seen as you truly are. When we are not congruent, we don’t feel good about ourselves, because there’s conflict within ourselves.

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Levels of Congruency

1. Emotional Congruency: Being honest with yourself about how you feel, and being vulnerable enough to share this with the closest people in your life.

2. Conscious Congruency – Being conscious of your own programming and being congruent with that. What are the real reasons why you are responding this way to an experience? What are you really trying to make happen?

This is surprisingly difficult to embrace for those with unresolved trauma and shame. We prioritize trauma-informed therapy because hauling around the past is the biggest deterrent to conscious congruency.

3. Active Congruency – When you have emotional and conscious congruency, you become in harmony with your experiences. Active congruency is achieved when you don’t feel the need to make up a story of what you should be, or tell yourself a story of how you messed up the past. Active congruency is being real and admitting who you really are.

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Experience the Difference

Along with CBR, our Non 12-Step rehab utilizes a variety of therapeutic and holistic techniques to help you heal:


• Experiential Engagement Therapy

• Whole, Organic & Delicious Meals

• Individualized Detoxification Acupuncture Protocol

• Customized Bodywork

• Nutritional Counseling

• Yoga, Exercise & Fitness

• Nature Therapy Excursions

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