The Avive la Vie Difference

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

The Avive la Vie Difference

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

What Sets Us Apart From Other Rehabs

How long have you been telling yourself to stop using drugs or alcohol? Has it ever worked? Focusing only on stopping addictive behaviors does not amount to a long-lasting change. To overcome your addiction, you need to address the underlying issues at play.

We focus on building life skills, rather than putting all our focus on stopping the addiction. You will learn exactly what drives your addictive behavior, along with the tools and techniques to change it.


These skills will stay with you and be there when life’s triggers happen. You’ll even get to the point where you can do something you may not have done in a long time — trust yourself.

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The Avive la Vie Difference

Unlike so many other alcohol and drug rehab programs, our focus is on you – not your addiction. We realize that you are more than your addiction, and we explore your whole being. We help our clients uncover and permanently resolve the underlying cause of their drug or alcohol addiction, mental health issue, or eating disorder.

A key concept of our program is that we ask questions. Our focus is not on giving advice, but on doing inquiry instead.


Mindful Inquiry empowers you to find answers and understanding within yourself. We want you to learn the skills of inquiry and find your own answers and then put that wisdom into play in planning for your future. This will be one of your indispensable tools to navigate your world once you graduate from the program.

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The Stages to

Conquer Addiction

1. We Earn Your Trust

2. We Collaborate with You

3. We Uncover the Root Cause

4. You Learn Skills to Overcome Addiction

5. You Are Free to Live Your Life

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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We Truly Care for You

Our program requires taking the risk of facing your past, your emotions, your beliefs, and your programming. It demands stepping into the experience with us, trusting yourself and the process.


The program has been meticulously designed to form a comprehensive road map to bring about a complete transformation. We’re providing a safe space for you to do what may well be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.


Uncovering your pain, facing your shadow, and healing past trauma is hard. We view our program as a lifetime investment. We do not want to put a Band- Aid on the problem. It is not a quick, two-week, fix it program either. It requires commitment. With the right attitude and full participation in the program, you’ll see how the effects are life-changing.


What a joy it is to be present and observe as our clients learn to love their lives again! You can break free from your addiction, but to do that, you have to take the first step. Commit to your healing – we know how to bring you all the way through the journey.

We Collaborate With You

One of the biggest differences of our program is the abundant collaboration with our clients. We are not into domineering rules that apply to everyone. We do not put our rules or advice onto you; instead we interact with you and evaluate the present moment and motivational factors for each client individually.


An example of this is that one client wants to use the Internet to avoid participating fully in the program, while another person wants to use the Internet to communicate an important message to a friend or family member.


We don’t implement rules like, ‘no Internet’; instead we look at the motivation behind the need for Internet. If there is a pattern of avoidance or any motivation that doesn’t serve that client’s healing, then we address it.

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Another way we separate ourselves is our lack of dogma. Another facility may say: “These are the specific things you need to do to become sober — you are an addict and therefore this is the procedure you need to complete to reach sobriety.”


Our stance is radically different from that. We want you to learn the skills of Mindful Inquiry and find your own answers, and then put them into play while we support and empower you along the way.


You create the steps and path to sobriety for yourself. You are not broken. We believe you can do this, once you eliminate the beliefs that are keeping you in a pattern of addiction and self-destruction.


We engage your intelligence. We don’t control you, but we will challenge you to look at your behaviors and your beliefs and question whether they are really serving you, or if you’re just recreating the old patterns.

State of the Art Core Belief Restructuring Methodology

The most fundamental difference at Avive la Vie is our unique and authentic Core Belief Restructuring™ (CBR) methodology. Our Core Belief Restructuring methodology is designed to bring about a core-level change that stays with you for life.


Through CBR, you will gain a deep understanding of yourself, which empowers you to overcome your addiction. You will learn to eliminate the pressure to perform, as well as expel self-destructive, shame-based beliefs.


The common denominator in all addictions is the underlying and hidden pain factor. This needs to be fully addressed and corrected to experience a permanent release from the grip of addiction. CBR will resolve your pain and stop destructive behaviors. The answers are within you – we will help you find them.

We Talk About What Matters

With this methodology in mind, we often say to people that we rarely even talk about drugs and alcohol in our program. You may be asking: How can you not talk about drugs and alcohol at a rehab? This is because of our radically different perspective on addiction. At our program, we aren’t treating addiction – we’re addressing and treating the underlying reasons driving the addiction, your core beliefs.


When we place our focus on the beliefs influencing your addictive behavior, your drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or eating disorder naturally becomes much more manageable and realistic to overcome.


The main vehicles of Core Belief Restructuring that you will experience are: Experiential Engagement Therapy, Mindful Inquiry, Emotional Fluidity and Congruent Communication.


Through these experiential therapies, you will discover how to live from your core essence. Along the way, our team of experienced, caring addiction professionals, who are specially trained in Core Belief Restructuring, will provide you with a cohesive treatment plan and a clear road map to recovery.


Our one-on-one and small group counseling takes place in a private and safe environment where you will learn the skills needed to achieve a life beyond addiction.

We Treat the Whole Person with an Integrative Approach

Our holistic treatment focuses on you as a whole person. We realize that you are more than your addiction (and sometimes co-occurring disorder) and we explore your whole being.


All factors that influence health, wellness, addiction and disease are taken into consideration, including mind, spirit, and community, as well as the body. The appropriate use of both conventional and alternative medicine is incorporated into our holistic addiction treatment approach.


However, at Avive la Vie, we tend to focus on strategies that are natural and less invasive whenever possible. With our integrative, holistic approach we address chemical imbalances created by alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders such as bulimia. We focus on repairing the neurological damage from substance abuse, and on healing the brain via nutrition, supplementation, sleep, and other therapies.


You will learn how to optimize and enjoy your physical health with nutritional education and implementation, as well as suitable fitness activities. Our stress reduction therapies, acupuncture protocols, and nutritious meals provide immediate relief and help accelerate your recovery.

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You Learn How to Incorporate Your Newfound Skills into Your Daily Life

Stopping your addictive behavior is only one piece of your life’s puzzle. Now how do you integrate everything you’ve learned at our program when you go back home?


From the very first day you entrust yourself to our care, you will be able to participate in relapse prevention and our individualized New Life Direction process. Together, we help you assemble the building blocks you need to live a renewed and passionate life, while teaching you the self-regulation skills to overcome your old addiction triggers.


Our combined relapse prevention program and cutting-edge Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) treatment modality help you achieve permanent recovery – by understanding and resolving the root causes of your addiction.


This change sticks because it is based on a shift in consciousness that aligns with your own deep, personal values and aspirations. We empower the full expression, expansion, and appreciation of being yourself. Our clients are supported in seeing themselves candidly and compassionately, and they experience a renewed relationship with every aspect of their lives – mind, emotions, body, and essence.

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Our Addiction Treatment Focus Is Different

Getting people to stop their addiction behaviors does not amount to a long-lasting cure. Trying not to do drugs or drink alcohol simply doesn’t work very well.


If you have been through rehab before and still find yourself trying to resist those urges, then you have not overcome your addiction – you are still battling it. The constant stress of that battle only increases the desire to escape, which can – and often does – result in a relapse.


At Avive la Vie, we focus on life skills instead of stopping the addiction. You will learn exactly what drives your behavior, and the tools and techniques to change it. These skills will stay with you and be there when life’s triggers happen. This will allow you to learn how to trust yourself again.

Unlike so many other alcohol and drug rehab centers, our focus is on you – not your addiction. We realize that you are more than your addiction, and we explore your whole being.


We tend to not put all our focus on stopping the addictive behaviors, like stopping using drugs and drinking alcohol. Rather than focusing on the addiction behaviors alone, we help our clients uncover and permanently resolve the underlying cause of their addiction.

Your Customized Healing Occurs in a Private Setting

Our program is offered in an environment that is private, loving, comfortable, and supportive. Our staff are caring and talented professionals who see you as a wonderful human being who is worthy of the best possible approach to permanent recovery.


Our secluded facility is tucked away on a private estate honoring the utmost privacy and confidentiality at all times and providing a truly safe environment to heal.


We recognize that you are unique, and as such, our addiction treatment is customized to meet your specific needs.


We deliver one of the most customized programs in the country. Our schedule comes out daily and is completely adapted to the present reality that is unfolding for each individual client in the program.


We have no dogma, cookie cutter schedules or agendas. We only accommodate a small number of clients at a time, which gives us the flexibility to operate a highly customized program for each individual.


We have many treatment tools and approaches in our basket. Sometimes we use all of them on one client, but on another person we don’t, because not every tool is a good fit for everybody. We value customization, because we want to honor each individual.

An Exceptional Culture & Cocoon of Care

“How is it that every person who works here is so kind?”

This is something we hear a lot.


Our work attracts the most caring and dedicated individuals, who make it their life’s work to help others change for the better. Every person on our team, from our nurturing housekeepers to our talented chefs, is committed to your recovery and is focused on providing a safe cocoon of care for you.


Our culture of non-judgment and acceptance will put your self-doubts at ease and help you relax deeply into yourself and connect with your true essence.


From this place you will find tremendous strength while surrounded by a loving and deeply caring team of addiction professionals. We believe in you, no matter what your past may include. We don’t label you, and we don’t think you’re broken. With awareness of your past, programming, and beliefs, we know you can break free from your addiction.

Non-12 Step, Alternative Track Rehab

We offer a cohesive program with intense one-on-one and small group counseling, and a fully integrated non-12 step approach.


Our road map to recovery consists of mastering the five pillars of Core Belief Restructuring and living your life mission. Cultivating these five components and creating a purpose in your life is a powerful alternative to a 12-step approach.


Unlike the 12-step programs you may be familiar with, our holistic, non-12 step rehab will not have you attending nightly meetings (unless you request to) or sharing your stories of suffering.


Instead, you will be immersed in a fully holistic program that will help you to: heal deeply, communicate authentically, plan for your future, explore the most beautiful and creative aspects of yourself, and more.

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Experience the Best in Therapy & Amenities

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Live Free from Your Addiction. Call Today

  • Core Belief Restructuring
  • Experiential Engagement Therapy
  • Tranquil Setting
  • Whole, Organic & Delicious Meals
  • Individualized Detoxification Acupuncture Protocol
  • Customized Bodywork: Massage, Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Yoga, Exercise & Fitness
  • Health & Body Awareness Training
  • Nature Therapy Excursions
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy
  • Organic Body Care Products

Let Us Show You How Different We Are

We’ve talked a lot about our unique perspective on addiction treatment. But how does it relate specifically to your situation?


Give us a call to learn how we would create a customized recovery plan that will be the most re-energizing, motivating, and life-changing for you.