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Engagement is everything. We use a lot of different experiential methods at our program, from Experiential Engagement Therapy to Laughter Yoga. For many people, having a creative outlet to let your hands do the talking can be exactly what your mind needs.

Art is a very broad category that can include music, poetry, and drama. What does it have to do with addiction treatment? Art in its various forms can “wake up” parts of your memories and skills. As one explores these nonverbal pathways, it is often possible to gain a perspective that might have been overlooked in a traditional “talk” therapy session. Once these newly discovered patterns and symbols are uncovered, it is possible to now discuss them, allowing new understandings to be achieved.

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Unleash Your

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• Release the Grip of Your Negative Mindset

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• Feel & Express Your Most Inner Joy

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Art and music are therapies that work together with the other modalities in our program to enhance the other flavors of the experience. Here are a few things  people have said about these hands-on therapies:

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“I was surprised to see how close I painted myself next to my mother.”

“I had no idea how much fun it would be to make tiny animals from clay.”

“Once I started singing about what happened, I couldn’t stop laughing – I’ve felt so much better ever since!”

Tapping into the artistic brain can bring up ideas that have laid dormant in your brain for years, waiting for the opportunity to jump out. When you have this sudden self-awareness in our program, you’re already in the proper cocoon of care to learn and grow from this experience.

Music Therapy

Music therapy can take many forms, depending on what is appropriate for each individual. It can involve choosing music that “speaks” to you, or listening to another person’s choice, or perhaps even creating your own. It is a form of communication, and for some it is a nice supplement to conversation. For those who have always wanted to try karaoke, this could be the time and place to see what it’s like! If you enjoy music, it may be an important part of your path of healing. Music can reach a person in an emotional way, and it is one more way to access self-awareness. The more we get to know ourselves deeply, the better we can choose music that serves us by weaving joy into our day.

At our program, music often forms a gentle background in the living room. Other times, we might take the clients out to hear some local performers. Many people say that music has been an important part of their in our program. Different kinds of music can connect with different moods, allowing you to explore many genres and see which ones can be therapeutically-helpful to you. From early childhood on, people respond to music, and in our therapeutic setting, it is useful to soothe and support the healing process–and sometimes it helps us to liven things up.

Art Therapy

Art is widely known as a wonderful was to facilitate emotional release and healing. It can also be a delightful social activity, as people gathered around tables have a good time seeing their own creative project emerge next to the others. Art therapy also gives you the chance to be a kid again and explore materials just for the fun of it. We are interested in whatever your mind tells you to create – we are NOT art judges! Perhaps you will make something from clay with the same delight that you had as a child playing with mud. Or maybe you will find a way to release some old frustrations in a colorful painting.

Art may be something you have always enjoyed, and for you this will be a chance to relax and play. On the other hand, you may have no experience at all, or even some experiences with art that you didn’t like. You will have a chance to discover what art can be for you at this point in your life. Will you be most attracted to the painting, sculpting, drawing, or other forms of art? Working with unfamiliar materials can help to establish new life patterns and inspire new possibilities.

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If you ever find yourself experiencing discomfort from showing your creative side, we are here to help you explore and learn from it. The more you venture into the “unknown” with our loving support, the more your comfort level will increase in other areas of your life.

In our integrated program art and music can be the doorway for clients to gain a new understanding of themselves. You don’t need a background in art in order to explore various materials and experience your creative side, express emotion, and risk a little.

Music and art are both ways of supporting your total healing experience. They will stimulate new thoughts, new emotions, and for some, they will be an important part of the new life you are launching. Healing your life is a process of examining what works, what to discard, what to keep, and what to bring in. We are here to offer many different potential paths, as each client is a unique person who will benefit from specifically-tailored opportunities.