Aftercare Life Skills Program

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Aftercare Life Skills Program

Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon


Be Empowered to Transition into Your Life:

Aftercare Life Skills

We call our aftercare your program extension, because it is literally an extension of your residential program. (Additional fee for this service.) More specifically, what this means is that you’re working with the same therapy team who nurtured you throughout your time at our program. They’ve helped you through the first step in your recovery, and now want to help ensure your success when you go back home. The way we have our aftercare program arranged is one of the many unique strengths that sets us apart from other treatment facilities.

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Skills for Life

• 6 Months of Follow-Up Support

• Keep Applying the Skills You Learned

• Overcome Triggers & Impulsive Reactions

• Stay Connected with Our Powerful Team

• Feel Safe During Your Reintegration

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Overview of Our Aftercare Program

The Avive La Vie Aftercare Program is customized to help you implement what you learned during your initial treatment. In ongoing support sessions, you continue to apply the recovery skills needed when facing challenging situations. Our aftercare includes 30 hours of phone or video conferencing and/or email check-ins with the counselors or coaches of your choice. A typical schedule includes two one-hour sessions per week for the first month, and one session per week for the remaining five months. We can also accommodate different variations of this schedule to suit your specific needs. This time is crucial as you re-enter the world with heightened daily decisions and challenges. The therapy team continues their collaboration on your behalf throughout your aftercare. That means you have access to all of us, and we remain on your team! We are here to support you.

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Support for Your New Life

  • Stop the Endless Anxiety Cycles
  • Feel Supported through Challenging Times
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Live Up to Your Core Values
  • Create Authentic, New Connections

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Choices of Team Members:

  • You can request the person with whom you’d like your session(s) and the type of session. We will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and will ask that you be somewhat flexible, including at least three therapy or medical team members in your aftercare team.
  • You do not need to decide in advance for the entire 30 hours. You can go two weeks at a time and make counselor change requests whenever appropriate to assist your growth. Our team members have their egos in check and understand that it’s essential for you to make choices continually about your care.

30 Hours of Your Choice Include:

  • Mentoring by video conferencing, phone or in person
  • Empowerment/New Life Direction Coaching
  • Email check-ins
  • “Call home” option when you need immediate assistance
  • Couples and family counseling, if appropriate

Flexible, Customizable Plans:

  • You can choose the aftercare plan that best suits your needs and unique situation.
  • Individual, couples and family & friends plans are available.

Scheduling & Coordination of Aftercare

At the time of your graduation from our residential program, you will receive all scheduling and call-in details with complete guidelines of how the aftercare program is coordinated.

How to Get the Most Out of Aftercare

Be honest with yourself and ask for the help you need. Observe the situations that are coming up that you find difficult to navigate. Keep notes to bring these up for discussion during your sessions. Commit to giving aftercare one hundred percent of your presence for the entirety of the program. Imagine how deep you can go and further your transformation with our loving support! Don’t miss this opportunity.

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