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Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon


Addiction Treatment Center in Oregon

Together We Can Change Your Life

Avive la Vie’s unique treatment addresses the root causes that drive your self-destructive behaviors. We help you go forward to a life of enriched clarity and joyful sobriety. We do this by focusing on asking questions rather than giving advice.


By empowering you, you are back in control of restructuring the hidden beliefs that are holding you back. This opens the door to connect with your true self and to discover your passions and a new life purpose. We teach you how being authentic, vulnerable and connected will naturally take the place of addictive behaviors.


We share our philosophy of non-judgement and unconditional acceptance and love of self and others. We’re committed to creating a cocoon of safety and warmth that allows you to immerse yourself fully into the program.

We realize that when you facing your shadow and your past, it may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done; and we want to make it as comfortable as possible. At Avive la Vie, our staff cares for clients on so many levels. We know that it is essential to provide a balanced treatment program that addresses mind, body and essence. Our whole team collaborates with you, to make sure you are getting the very best chance possible at overcoming your addiction.

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Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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• Real solutions to end addiction

• Secluded & safe environment to heal

• Highest quality of care

• Cutting edge methodology

• Clear, customized path to recovery

• Nurturing and serene setting

Heal The Core of Your Addiction. Call Now


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We Believe to Conquer Addiction, it is Essential to:

  • Treat the whole person rather than a single symptom
  • Address chemical imbalances created by alcohol, drugs and/or eating disorders such as bulimia
  • Release previous trauma and unresolved pain
  • Restructure the hidden beliefs that otherwise hold clients back
  • Combine experiential learning with cognitive learning

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Our Exceptional Services & Amenities

  • Serene, Natural Setting
  • Whole, organic and delicious meals
  • Individualized detoxification acupuncture protocol
  • Customized bodywork: massage, structural integration, cranial sacral
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Yoga, exercise and fitness
  • Health and body awareness training
  • Nature therapy excursions
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Organic body care products